You can give a child Sweet Dreams!

The Sweet Dreams Bed Sponsor program is a new way to show your love and care to boys and girls living at Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina.

You can sponsor a single bed, a room with two beds, or even an entire cottage. The gift can be a one-time gift or monthly sponsorship. 

A plaque with your name engraved, and if you choose the name of an individual you honor or memorialize, is mounted on a child's bed. Your special gift serves as a reminder to children that you are remembering them as they slip away to "sweet dreams".

For additional information, call 336.474.1277.



Customize Your Bed Sponsor Plaque

Sample Bed Sponsor PlaqueEach bed sponsor plaque is unique to the donor and can be customized. 

Please type the Bed Sponsor name(s) exactly as it should appear.
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If your gift is in honor or memory of someone, type the name(s) exactly as it should appear. Please limit to 50 characters.



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